Exalting the Word.
Equipping the Saints &
Edifying the Body

The Word of Truth Conference is about Exalting the Word, Equipping the Saints and Edifying the Body.

This year’s conference will be focused on how to rightly divide the Word of Truth.

What does the Bible really teach?  In the last few decades this has suddenly become a very perplexing question for many Christians.  We are not asking…what do I think it might be saying, or what do I want it to say or what do other people think it says.  The question we are asking is, what does God actually teach us in His Word and can I discover the truth as I read the Bible?

Sadly, more and more evangelicals are finding it increasingly difficult to answer this question with any certainty or confidence.  It seems that for many the Bible is becoming a more mystifying, bewildering and confusing book only attainable to those who have a seminary education.  Suddenly we hear evangelical pastors and seminary teachers tells us that hell is not an eternal state, that God does not mandate gender roles in the home and in the church, that the creation story is an allegory, that homosexuality is not a sin and that in the end everyone will be saved.  And the list of “new truths” that apparently lay hidden for over two thousand years in the pages of God's Word is continuing to grow.

The increasing number of varying conclusions about what the Bible actually says is creating within many believers an uncertainty and a timidity which prevents us from saying very much about God and His Word with confidence and boldness.  And this inability to know and articulate truth is deeply problematic.  How can we be the church, raise godly families, worship correctly, evangelize, and live morally upright lives unless we can say with absolute certainty and confidence “Thus Says the Lord?”  Tragically many evangelicals sound very much like satan when he said to Eve…has God really said?

The fundamental problem as we see it is rooted in what theologians call hermeneutics or the science by which we study and interpret the Scriptures.  In recent years, the tried and true approach to understanding the Bible which has for millennia led Spirit filled Christians to a confident knowledge of God's Truth has been slowly replaced by a new method of interpreting the Bible.  And it should come as no surprise therefore that this new methodology has led to many new and novel conclusions about what God's Word actually teaches.

We are convinced that the most pressing issue facing the church today is answering the question; what is a correct hermeneutic?  And it’s to this issue, the question of how to properly read and interpret the Bible to which we will be giving our attention at our inaugural Word of Truth Conference on Nov 24-25.

The Apostle Paul commanded his young protégé Timothy to rightly divide or accurately handle the Word of God. 2 Tim 2:15. To rightly divide the Word is to interpret or understand it correctly. Paul's command to Timothy presupposes one fundamental truth, that God's truth, His will, His values and ethic can be clearly understood and accessible to us.

The Bible is not a confusing and bewildering book attainable only to those with a seminary education.  It was written by common men under the guidance of the Holy Spirit in the vernacular in order to be read, understood and believed by regular folks like us.  The key to understanding God's Word however is a proper hermeneutic.  I would love you to attend our conference and learn how you can read the Bible competently and have the confidence to boldly say “Thus Says the Lord.”